Greetings, everyone! I’m Gibi—a regular beauty and skincare enthusiast with a passion for cooking and experimenting with new recipes. My philosophy? One can never have too many brown eyeliners! Before diving into beauty and skincare products, I diligently research and read reviews, a practice that has proven invaluable in the past. This got me thinking, why not share my insights through blogging?

Here I am, a mom to two wonderful kids and a wife to an incredibly supportive husband, albeit one who can’t quite distinguish between coral and red. Embarking on this blogging journey, I was driven by the desire for a creative outlet to express my love for beauty, skincare, and cooking. Beauty, in my view, is a powerful form of self-expression, while cooking serves as a universal language, fostering connections across diverse communities.

Beyond the realms of blogging, I cherish moments spent with my family—my husband, kids, and our two delightful guinea pigs. These furry companions add an extra layer of joy to our lives, and their antics often provide a delightful break from the world of beauty and skincare.

Join me as I navigate the exciting world of beauty, share skincare tips, and whip up delectable recipes in my kitchen. With each blog post, I aim to create a space where beauty is celebrated as a unique expression of individuality and where the joy of cooking bridges gaps and fosters community connections.

As a busy mom juggling various roles, I understand the importance of efficient beauty routines and quick, flavorful meals. Let’s explore together, learn from one another, and make our daily lives a little more beautiful and delicious. Whether you’re a fellow beauty enthusiast, a skincare aficionado, or someone seeking culinary inspiration, you’re welcome here.

I’m thrilled to embark on this blogging adventure and share my experiences, tips, and perhaps a few laughs along the way. So, grab a cup of tea or coffee, stay awhile, and let’s embark on this journey together—a journey where beauty, skincare, and cooking intertwine to create a tapestry of joy and self-expression.

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